Cos Mama and Dee Cay are back with a new and exciting episode of The G Spot by Project-Nerd. This time the geek duo are deeply entrenched in the ways ...View Details

Episode 18: Fairy Tales

In this episode of The G Spot by Project-Nerd, Cos Mama and Dee Cay cover all things fairy tales. Well, not all things, but all the amazing things tha...View Details

This episode is not a remake, but the topic is. Well, this is the first time The G Spot has covered this, but its a remake discussion. Oh, for goodnes...View Details

Episode 16: Fan Influence

Fan influence can make or break the awesome content we consume on a daily basis. So how does toxic and positive influence differ? Cos Mama and Dee Cay...View Details

It's an interesting world we live in right now, and Dee Cay and Cosmama are here to make it even more interesting. Talking all things geek, and then s...View Details

Cosmama loves her some Steven Universe. So she's sharing. Dee Cay and Cosmama go down the rabbit-hole that is the Steven Universe Fandom! Easily one o...View Details

Dee Cay and Cosmama get into all things Netflix's Witcher. Recorded a while back, like as in closer to the actual airing of the first season, our two ...View Details

Dee Cay and Cos Mama are here to talk all things Mandalorian. It's a new year, and the duo are all caught up on Disney+'s most popular series, The Man...View Details

Dee Cay and Cos Mama are back with the long awaited second part to Episode 08: Indigo is Not a Real Color. The duo continue their conversation about h...View Details

The G Spot turns 10 with a special episode and special guests. Sarah Cosmama hosts a variety of other Project-Nerd personalities for some more Q&A...View Details

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