Dee Cay and Cos Mama are here to talk all things Mandalorian. It's a new year, and the duo are all caught up on Disney+'s most popular series, The Man...View Details

Dee Cay and Cos Mama are back with the long awaited second part to Episode 08: Indigo is Not a Real Color. The duo continue their conversation about h...View Details

The G Spot turns 10 with a special episode and special guests. Sarah Cosmama hosts a variety of other Project-Nerd personalities for some more Q&A...View Details

It's a spectacularly spooky special G Spot with Sarah Cos Mama and Dee Cay. The G Spot hosts dive into Halloween, celebrating with candy and drinks. B...View Details

Dee Cay and Cos Mama are back for another episode of The G Spot. The duo get to talking about a variety of things, including the DC Universe, MCU and ...View Details

The G Spot by Project-Nerd is now on its own Podcast Feed. What’s that mean? Head over to Apple, Google, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcast an...View Details

Cos Mama and Dee Cay get deep about internet trolls and why empathy is the defining factor that separates regular responses, internet trolling, and be...View Details

Why blame the guns, when you can more easily say it's the video games? Cos Mama and Dee Cay get together for a new episode of The G Spot by Project-Ne...View Details

It's getting strange up in here! Cos Mama and Dee Cay are back for another G Spot in which they talk all things going on, specifically Stranger Things...View Details

Cos Mama and Dee Cay spend episode three talking Disney trailers, Disney casting, toxic lead characters, the most controversial Batman: The Animated S...View Details

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